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Be more expressive : demand the best from brands – Expert urges Nigerians

In order to encourage the production and provision of quality goods and services, Nigerians have been told to continue to be expressive and demand the best from brands, getting value for their money. 

The Chief Executive Officer and the Convener of Consumers Value event, Mr Akonte Ekine who said, the voice of the people mattered and could drive significant improvements in the market place, highlighted the significance of the journey towards to the awards to include, voting process that garnered responses from consumers, with more than 8,000 votes.

 This he explained followed a month of nominations featuring over 400 brands across various sectors.

“ The award ceremony will feature the presentation of the “Best Value for Money” badges, symbolizing consumer appreciation and trust in the winning brands, “ Additionally, special recognitions will be given to individuals and advocacy campaigns that have made a substantial impact on consumer rights and market standards in the country”.

“ We invite all stakeholders, industry leaders, and consumers to join us for an evening of celebration, insights, and networking, pointing out that, “ The event promises to be a landmark occasion, emphasizing the power of consumer advocacy and the continuous journey towards market excellence. He stated.

The enthusiasm and participation according to Mr Ekine, reflects a growing consumer engagement and recognition of excellence in the market.

Theme for this year’s event, “Empowering Consumers,” underscores the importance of giving consumers a voice and ensuring they have the best possible market experiences, noting that,  “ in today’s challenging economic climate, where consumers face rising fuel prices, increasing food costs, and overall inflation, the need for brands to deliver value has never been more critical, “ he stressed

The Consumers Value Awards, which aims to empower consumers and encourage brands to strive for the highest standards of service and quality, will honor brands and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to providing quality service and value to consumers in Nigeria.

Julie Ekong

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