Lagos Residents Recount Losses Following Continued Scarcity And High Cost Of Fuel

Following the continued scarcity and high cost of fuel, it is becoming increasingly hard for residents in parts of Lagos metropolis to cope.

At Oke Afa area of Isolo, Maza-maza area of Amuwo Odofin, Surulere and indeed most parts of Lagos metropolis, some small business owners such as frozen food sellers, drink sellers, barbers, hair dressing salons Operators and Phone chargers alleged that they were operating at loss due to the high cost of fuel.

In these mentioned areas fuel sells for as high as N220 per liter at the filling stations.

These small business owners expressed regret that while getting the product at filling stations have become almost impossible due to long queues day in and out, buying from black marketers was not an option either as they sold at very high cost.

The frozen food Sellers, drink sellers, barbers, hair dressing salons operators and Phone chargers complained that once there is no electric supply, it becomes impossible to make good sales.

The frozen food sellers however expressed regret that because of lack of constant light, they had to use generators more to ensure their products did not get spoilt.

They explained that most black marketers within the area have started selling a liter of fuel at 300 to 400 naira, as against #250 that they sold some weeks ago thereby making them operate at a loss.

Also there have been general outcry in some parts of Lagos metropolis over inability of the residents to preserve their foods as a result of lack of fuel and constant electricity power supply.

Some mothers expressed regret they have to minimize the quantity of food to avoid throwing their food away.

The Lagosians want the government to do everything possible to ensure there is enough fuel in circulation to minimize the cost of transportation and high cost of food stuff in the country.

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