Lagos State Task Force Invades MMA  Cargo Village, Paralyses Business

The Domestic Airport Cargo Agents Association (DACAA) has condemned the invasion of its cargo village at the local wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport by the Lagos State task force on revenue.

According to eyewitnesses, the task force, who arrived in large numbers Tuesday, locked up the cargo hall and the two gates leading to the cargo village, demanding payment of personal income tax from the cargo agents. 

The invasion led to the paralysis of business activities in the area.

In an interview, the DACAA Chairman, Mr. Ade Ijale, expressed dismay at the development, stating that the task force came unannounced and threatened the agents to pay their personal income tax of N100,000 per person. 

He added that the premises were later sealed up.

Mr. Ijale explained that the cargo village is under the Federal government, being operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, and that DACAA is not responsible for the payment of tax. 

He noted that the task force did not ask how much the individuals earning were, and that the majority of people at the premises were customers who brought in their cargo for airlifting.

However, the timely intervention of the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the local airport led to the opening of the premises, allowing business activities to resume.

The incident has raised concerns about the authority of the Lagos State task force on revenue and its jurisdiction over the cargo village, which is under the Federal government. 

The DACAA has called for a review of the situation to prevent future disruptions to business activities.

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