RCM SCHOOL, AWOYAYA : voters were denied the right to exercise their franchise.

Written by on March 18, 2023

By Angela Nwabunor

It’s a sorry situation at
Royal Catholic Primary School Awoyaya in Ibeju-lekki Local government area of Lagos where we have six polling units situated there.

This is because some voters were denied the right to exercise their franchise.

An area with six polling units which was crowded with more than seven hundred thousand voters during the presidential election now had about one hundred and fifty people turn up for this exercise.

Our man observing the wards noted that the entrance of the school was manned with a crowd of agents observed to be the All Progressive Congress APC.

They were seen choosing who would be allowed to come in to vote.

They also looked at PVCs of voters to ensure their names were of the Yoruba ethnicity before letting them in.

Radio Nigeria reports that they were shouting that no Omo Igbo must enter to vote in their land.

International observers from the United Kingdom also came to the voting area and the gates were flung open for all to enter, thirty minutes after the observers left, the gates were shut again to a particular set of voters.

Radio Nigeria also noticed a successful cook youtuber, Mrs Yemisi and her husband were not allowed to exercise their franchise, they left rather discouraged and shocked.

Radio Nigeria observed many people returned home disappointed they could not cast their votes.

Over six security officials including two NDLEA officials at the polling unit, were all seated and doing noting about the situation.

When Radio Nigeria approached them to explain findings at the gate, they noted that the election was peaceful and no one was being harassed not to enter.

It was also observed that some traditionalists were seated under a canopy ensuring that the hoodlums at the gate do their bidding.

Also in one of the polling units in the school PU 003 Iwerekun ward one, the BVAS were not working as at when radio Nigeria arrived at 11:42am.

According to the INEC engineer, she was reconfiguring the BVAs but the network was slow.


An aggrieved voters said he had been there since 8;30am and the BVAs refused to work.


Few minutes after Radio Nigeria interviewed the engineer the BVAs started to functional and voters got in line to cast their vote, this was exactly 11;48am.

According to an INEC official voting is expected to end at 2;30pm.

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