About Metro FM

Metro Fm is Nigeria’s number one Adult Contemporary radio station since 2013 when it rebranded itself to include more of this compound genre to her mix of content.

Prior to 2013, Metro Fm which is Nigeria’s first FM station, had gone through several metamorphosis from its former RN2 ‘The Sunshine Station’ status, 97.6 dial and location at Old Martins Street on Lagos island to its current name, dial and location which is now Metro 97.7FM Ikoyi.

Metro FM has always naturally been an infotainment and lifestyle station with music as it’s back bone. As Nigeria’s number one Adult Contemporary station, Metro FM produces 70% of adult contemporary music and 30% of other varieties, her world music collection provides a link to her global audience and in turn exposes local audiences to global trends.

Our core focus audience is the 18 – 35 years age bracket, though as it stands today her audiences overshoots this demographic target by far even up to 60 and above.

Over the past four decades, Metro FM didn’t just weathered the storm and survived changing trends, she remains a beacon of broadcast standards and the people’s choice.

Notable personalities and media chiefs have also passed through the stations illustrious history either as former/current staff members or partners with the brand, some who’s history cannot be written without adding RN2 or Metro FM as their one time employer and former home

In no particular order, the likes of Benson Idonije, Femi Jarret, Jones Usain, Nasir Danladi Bako, J. A. J. Jacob Akinyele Johnson, Patrick Oke, Steve Ushie, Tunji Babatunde Kuola (Music Madness), Seyi Martins, Mannie Unumonu, Godwin Asuquo, GML ‘Grand Master Lee’ Ben I. I Omagie, Sylver Oforgwu, Túnjí Makue etc… not forgetting the late Tony Igbebuna, Willie Egbe and Kunle Oladapo just to mention a few…

There were those who were active when the sunshine station became
Metro FM, the likes of Ndidi Osaka, Aloma Nwogbe, Delightsome Alfred, Cordelia Okpe, Charles Anasodo, Frank Edoho, Godwin Enaghena, Kamal Salau, Sulai Alede, Chris Ilems, Oredola Nubi and many others.

Today Metro FM continues to thrive, with a mix of the old and the new.

There is a new generation of personnel who are mostly products of mentorship from the veterans, they man the deck alongside those few veterans still around to supervise.

The current GM, Mrs Ifeoma Okpala is one of such veteran who have come full circle, bringing her wealth of experience from beyond the shores of the country to bare.

In terms of recognition, Metro FM is the proud recipient of various national awards as well as being nominated for countless others, the latest betting the National Media Nite-out Award (NMNA).

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