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As this year’s breastfeeding week rounds off, Nursing mothers have been advised to ignore the many myths and fallacies during breastfeeding and weaning of their babies.

A registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Mrs Oludayo Sowoolu-Coates, gave the advice in an interview with Radio One in Lagos.

Mrs Sowoolu-Coates listed some of the myths and fallacies to include; Size of mother’s breast determine the quantity of milk produced, normalization of breast soreness, eating only plain food during breastfeeding so as not to affect the babies teeth among others.

The Dietitian who maintained that a nursing mother need to eat adequate/balanced diets, emphasized that exercise does not affect taste of breast milk as insinuated in some quarters.

Mrs Sowoolu-Coates urged career nursing mothers to safely express breast milk for their babies after their maternity leave to sustain their babies daily nutritional value.

The Dietitian highlighted factors affecting how long human milk could be stored safely to include : milk volume, room temperature, when milk is expressed and temperature fluctuations in the refrigerator with a call on nursing mothers to ensure good hygiene at all times for the safety of their baby.

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