Institute commend media for good reportage of 2019 elections.

Uploaded by on November 21, 2019


The media has been given the thumbs up in the coverage of the last general elections.

The commendation came from the Institute for Media and Society, IMS, in Lagos during a stakeholders meeting to review the performance of the media in the coverage of the elections and how to resolve the issues that emanated from it.

The Executive Director of the Institute, Dr. Akin Akingbulu said there was remarkable progress in the coverage of the 2019 elections compared to previous exercises.

In a paper entitled ” The Media in the Progressive Refinement of Nigeria’s Electoral Process”, Dr.Tunde Adegbola said that disturbing trends in the last election was vote buying and rigging.

He described rigging as a reflection of weak democratic culture and said that it was becoming more sophisticated with each election.

However, Dr. Adegbola said that there are sophisticated technologies to deal with the rigging.

Participants urged government to ensure that people involved in electoral fraud are punished adequately.

Media practitioners, media trainers, media managers and other stakeholders attended the round table.


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