Anglican clergy preaches Love as Nigerians celebrate Easter, Good Friday

Good Friday has been described as the day Jesus Christ offered himself for sacrifice to mankind which is the ultimate price to pay selflessly.
Venerable Oladeinde Olotu of the Diocese of Lagos, West, Anglican Communion made this known in a chat with newsmen in Lagos.
Venerable Olotu stressed that Good Friday was the summit of the Holy week when Christ endured the passion of his crucifixion and ultimately offered up his spirit on the promise of salvation for the world.
According to Venerable Olotu this is also a season to show love to one another as exemplified by Jesus Christ.
“The ultimate was the reconciliation of man with God, this could not have been done without the shading of the blood of Jesus Christ this brought out the new covenant”.
“His death marked the turn around as his resurrection sealed all for the world”.
Venerable Olotu noted that Nigerians especially those in government should learn from the life of Jesus Christ who sacrifice himself for the world.
“Leaders should learn to be a servant leader, as they must be ready to sacrifice and shun selfishness, as the country is bleeding and needs to be revived”.
The cleric added that those in position should stretch out the hand of love and give hope to citizens this season of Easter and beyond.

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