Ashaka Group: Profers Best Legacy for Next Generation.

Nigeria would be a much better place when every Nigerian realizes and put in their efforts to contribute to the common good of all.

To this end, the media must play a frontline role in helping the younger generation to master change-making skills that would enable them create solutions to their families, schools, communities and the society at large.

This was the position of a non-profit organisation, Ashoka Africa, which is partnering the media in a vision to building the mindsets of young people in transforming their immediate societies.

At a media conference on “Everyone a Changemaker”, held in Lagos, the Director, Ashoka Anglophone West Africa, Josephine Nzerem, said, though everyone is a changemaker, the media is a critical player to effectively push for the desired change everyone wants to see through their respective medium.

According to Mrs Nzerem, “the vision of the movement believe that the world will surely be a much better place when every Nigerian, every African, and everyone world-over realises and owns their power to contribute to the common good of all” she said.

Mrs Josephine Nzerem maintained that the best gift to the younger generation is by aligning with the ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ movement and sharing the message and skills with millions of children in Nigeria and Africa in general, so that everyone becomes instrumental in shifting mindsets, changing attitudes and inspiring action for a better society and a better world.

On her part, the Director of Lantern Books Swap Foundation, Mrs Sarah Wahab, explained that children would be reached and activated through reading books that would inspire them through the ‘Book Swap Foundation’ initiative.

“The book swap initiative is basically an attempt to provide reading and swapping books outside of school so as to inspire their imagination of the society they belong to”.

The Ashoka Anglophone West Africa movement is an international non-profit organization has its global office in Virginia, USA and branches around the world including Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa.

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