British Canadian International Education Offers Nigerians easy Study Abroad Process

A British education expert, Naz Panju says Nigeria’s education is moving in the right direction with more students studying locally being admitted into foreign universities for their postgraduate studies.

At a press conference in Lagos, Panju, the Director of the British Canadian International Education Ltd, said Nigerian education would improve if the government addressed the issues causing university lecturers’ strike.

She said although there were room for improvement, many foreign universities had been accepting Nigerian degrees for postgraduate studies due to the quality of teaching and research.

The education expert said her organization, with more than twenty years in existence, had helped more than ten thousand students find the right university abroad to study and have the benefit of global education and access to top-rated companies.

She said BCIE Ltd have offices in 5 countries namely, the United Kingdom which is the headquarters, and others in Nigeria, UAE, Ghana and Pakistan. The company also boasts of a network of over 100 universities and colleges in the UK, USA, Australia, UAE, and Canada.

Panju said the dwindling exchange rates between the Naira and other currencies had made it difficult for Nigerian students to seek global education, while some countries like the UK and Canada had imposed stringent conditions for students.

“Recently, the UK government announced a major decision hindering the east flow of student dependents to join them in the UK. BCIE Ltd can assist our students in processing applications to join their families under the acceptable route and most importantly to alternative destinations in Australia and Canada,” said Panju.

Naz Panju (middle) flanked by some senior staff of BCIE at the press conference in Lagos

On the challenges in getting to Canada to study, Panju explained that, “the Canadian High Commission initiated a plan to curb the perceived large inflow of students to Canada. We at BCIE can assist students and their families to achieve their dreams of entering and settling in Canada through acceptable routes still legally.

“Our message to our students and to the communities we work in is, do not worry, do not panic, BCIE Ltd is here to help as always and every day to enable you to achieve your dreams to study at the finest universities in the world,” said Panju.

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