FCCPC discovers deceptive weight on bags of rice in Garki market Abuja

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has conducted a targeted enforcement operation at the Garki Modern Market in Abuja.
This action was part of the Commission’s ongoing efforts to protect consumer rights and interests, as mandated by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (FCCPA) 2018, particularly under Sections 17(l)(s), 116(2), 124, 125, 138, and 155.

A statement signed by the Ag. Executive Vice Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer FCCPC Dr. Adamu Abdullahi notes that the operation was aimed at verifying the accuracy of product claims on 25kg and 50kg bags of rice.
The findings revealed discrepancies between the weight claims and the actual content. Such practices not only violate the FCCPA but also exploit consumers through deceptive means.

Consequently, FCCPC has issued summons to the perpetrators. They are required to appear before the Commission and provide a written undertaking to cease these deceptive practices. A Mutual Supervisory Understanding (MSU) will also be issued to monitor compliance.

As the festive season approaches, like every other season, the FCCPC encourages consumers to demand and insist on full value for money and advise verifying the weight of rice packages to align with stated claims and report any inconsistencies through the complaint tab on FCCPC website (www.fccpc.gov.ng).

In accordance with Section 125 of the FCCPA, businesses must not make false or deceptive representations about material facts to consumers. Section 138 further places liability on manufacturers, importers, distributors, and suppliers for breach of implied obligations by law, including product claims.

The Commission is committed to safeguarding consumer rights and will continue to relentlessly pursue fairness in the marketplace.

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