Former NAL Employees Plead for Release of Outstanding Entitlements Amidst Economic Struggle

Former employees of Nigeria Airways Limited, NAL, are urging the Federal Government to distribute the remaining balance of their outstanding entitlements. 

These ex-staff members voiced their plea during a prayer session held at the Lagos airport, expressing dismay that since the partial payments made during President Buhari’s first term in 2015, no further progress has been made.

Mr. Nwordu Alphonsus, one of the aggrieved former employees, lamented the increasing challenges they face in coping with the current economic situation.

“In 2003 Nigeria Airways was liquidated, we are more than 6,000 in number and since then, we have been expecting our money to be paid. Though, they have been trying, Yar’dua paid part of it, President Buhari paid some part and it remains. A lot of our staff have died some of ours are bedridden, we are just trying to survive”.

Similarly, Mr. Ogbaji Anthony emphasized that their only recourse now is to implore divine intervention to prompt the leaders to expedite the release of their hard-earned dues from their youthful years.

“We service the government with all our youthful strength and look at us with grey hair now. For the past twenty something years we were sent out of the company 2004 up till now our entitlements have not been paid. Look at the state we are in, we are solidly praying to God who has the heart of the kings in His hands”.

The total retirement benefits agreed upon for these ex-staff amounts to N45.3 billion. 

The first payment after liquidation was paid by President Musa Yar’dua and in 2018, President Buhari sanctioned a 50% payment which was disbursed in two installments, with the initial payment made in 2019.

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