NAAE elects President, excos

Mr. Selzing Miri has been elected as the new president of National Association of Air Traffic Engineers (NAAE).

Mr. Miri was elected at the engineers annual general meeting held in Abuja over the weekend.

In his acceptance speech, the newly elected president solicited the support of all the contestant in running the association for the overall development of the association.

He said the task ahead was enormous especially the unity of members as some have lost apathy due to what they have passed through.

According to Mr. Miri, training will be the focal point of his administration to ensure that members were up to date with their job.

He said the executives will engage the NAMA management to see the need to provide very efficient operational vehicles to all stations as their job has to do with safety and security.

Miri said the greatest challenge remained the non availability of major tools to work with but emphasised that he will synergize with other professional bodies in NAMA to achieve the best for NAMA.

Meanwhile, the following executive members were elected to run the affairs of the association for two years. 

They are Selzing Miri President, Akanbi  Wasiu, Deputy President, Yusuf Ibrahim Auyo Zonal Vice President (KANO), Udokwu Davies, Zonal Vice President (ABUJA), Abba Ephraim, Zonal Vice President (P/H), Adeagbo Christiania Zonal Vice President (LAGOS) and Muhammadu shu’aibu  General  Secretary. 

Others are, Abdullahi Dauda Treasurer, Abdullahi Ahmad Wabi, Financial  Secretary, Kilasho Akorede Ibrahim  Assist. Sec . General and aAdegbaju Christiana Abolanle, PRO.

Meanwhile, the immediate past president of NAAE, Mr. Ishaya Dung has described his tenure as eventful, challenging but successful.

Mr. Dung, who spoke to journalists immediately after handing over to the new executives noted that his challenges were numerous, but a few quickly come to mind such as especially the cancellation of the 2021 NAAE AGM/Elections due to internal wrangling.

He also identified agitations for improved welfare for members and provision of adequate working tools/equipment as one of the challenges faced.

The former NAAE boss congratulated the new executives and advised them to have a listening ear, to employ scientific reasoning and strategic thinking and as well consult widely and apply wisdom and diplomacy in addressing issues that affect members and the ATSEP profession at large. 

“With the above few words of advice, I wish them success throughout their tenure”

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