NGO Aids Families of Fallen Female Firefighters

Two families, both of whom lost women in the noble professions of rescue and firefighting, have recently been granted cash donations to help support the education of their children.

The Women Rescue and Firefighting Forum, (WRFFFOURM), a Non-governmental Organization (NGO), extended these generous donations alongside other gifts to the grieving families in Lagos over the weekend.

President of the NGO, Mr. Frank Osadebe emphasized their mission to offer hope and assistance to the families of the deceased, while also prioritizing education and safety training for children and communities. 

He highlighted their efforts to provide support and advocacy for women in the fire service.

“We want to be able to help those that are bereaved while in service or she rescuing people and their children who are not able continue with school or who are not able to help themselves in life, we try to come to their aid and see what we can do for them. We have been able to help some persons, one of them has a disabled leg, we are also trying to fix that too”.

Expressing satisfaction with their ability to bring comfort to the families of brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, Mr. Osadebe noted their collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs to extend aid to more Nigerians facing emergencies or bereavement.

In a plea for further assistance, Ms. Isebor Amaka, the Secretary of the Women Rescue and Firefighting Forum, specifically highlighted the case of one firefighter’s daughter who requires surgery for a physical disability. 

“We just want Nigerians to help her fix her leg, the earlier we do it, the better. I know we can all do it because you have been doing it and we want to say thank you for the ones you have done already”.

She called upon compassionate individuals and organizations to rally behind this cause, stressing the importance of collective support and solidarity in times of need.

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