NGO Sensitises Ikorodu Residents on Sexuality Education of Disables

By Fabian Anawo

A Non-Government Organisation, NGO,  Hope Inspired Foundation for Women and Youths has held a Town Hall meeting on “Sexuality Education Tool for Women and Girls with Disability in Ikorodu, Lagos.

The participants include people with different forms of Disabilities, their parents and care givers.

The Programme Officer of the NGO, Mrs. Omolara Daniel urged parents of children with disabilities to lavish them with love and ensure that they send them to schools.

She also advised the parents to protect their children from sexual harassment by not exposing them to dangers such as leaving them alone with people whom they do not trust.

Mrs. Daniel said that parents have an obligation to teach their children with disabilities sexuality education and build their confidence to be self reliant.

She said that sexuality education can eliminate sexual based gender violence.

According to her, the essence of the Town Hall meeting was to sensitise residents of Ikorodu to know their obligations to People Living with Disabilities, PWDs and the rights of children with disabilities.

She urged parents and guardians of PWDs not not lock them up in the house while they go to work or other places, but they should send them to All-inclusive schools so that they can integrate into the society.

She reminded parents that there is an ability in every child and that it is education that will help to identify such abilities and sharpen them to make such children productive and self reliant.

Mrs. Daniel also advised parents of PWDs to allow their children to make their choice of marriage partners and not forced them into relationships that they do not like.

She said that it does not matter if an able child decides to marry someone with Disability, so longer as they are adults and they know the implications of their choice.

Participants at the meeting expressed joy and appreciated to the NGO for organizing the Town Hall meeting.

They said that they were enlightened the more and would go home to put to practice the new things they learnt especially, how to respect the choices their children with disabilities make.

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