Pandemic: Cabin attendants urged to up their game, build passengers confidence

The President, Aircraft Owners, Pilots Association of Nigeria, Dr. Alex Nwuba has called on cabin attendants to always be ready to adapt to changes with the advent of the pandemic.

This changes he said, Include their way of dressing, attitude, in the way they treat passengers and to be more empathetic.

He made the call at a one day Cabin Crew Fair in Lagos with the theme: The Evolving Cabin Crew Profession , Then and Now”.

Dr. Nwuba also stressed the need for the cabin attendants with the advent of Covid and its different variants to reassure the passengers of their health safety to give thema good travel experience and encourage them to fly more.

“You are that person that leaves the customer with either a good or bad experience even if the pilot flies into a blind turbulence you still have the capacity to soothe the individuals”.

Former President National Cabin Crew Association of Nigeria (NACCAN), Mr. Olumide Ohunayo called all cabin executives to work at reviving  the moribund association to further propagate the critical roles they play in the safety value chain.

Chairman, Nigeria Aviation Award NIGAV expo Centre Mr. Fortune Idu said, the role played by the cabin attendants were often not mentioned in the safety chain as they were often seen as responsible only for serving tea and coffee onboard the aircraft.

He said, it was necessary to commend them for their role in promoting safety, handling unruly and aggressive passengers on board.

“You have an obligation and one of them is maintaining a good passenger experience, the other one is to help build passenger confidence, the way you handle inflight passengers, inflight actions and all that can help build travel confidence”.

Organizer of the fair, Ms. Joy Ogbebo says, the essence of the gathering was to network and bring together cabin attendants, the aspiring ones and major players and share ideas.

“Is to create synergy amongst the crew members from different airlines in Nigeria, create a platform for aspiring young ones to connect and network with professionals in the industry”.

The Fair drew cabin attendants from all the domestic airlines, including the private service charters and prospective cabin attendants.

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