Tinubu cancels 70th Birthday Colloquium over Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack

The National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has cancelled the 13th Colloquium held annually to mark his birthday over the Abuja-Kaduna Train terrorist attack.

Announcing the cancellation of the event at the Victoria Island venue, where people from all walks of life had converged, Asiwaju Tinubu described the train attack as a national tragedy which calls for sober reflection.

He said that as a senior citizen, he cannot be celebrating while others are in sorrow.

Asiwaju Tinubu urged those who had gathered to celebrate him to go home and continue to pray for peace in the country.

In a statement he personally signed which was made available to journalists, the APC National Leader said: “In sober realization of the extent of the terror that befell our nation yesterday on the Abuja-Kaduna rail line, we reach out to console the families left bereaved as well as those who have been left scarred by the mindless violence.

‘’While we do all we can to give comfort to those in need of it, we must stiffen our resolve and make our response to such atrocities.

‘’Today marked my 70th birthday, a moment intended for celebration. Yet, I cannot celebrate knowing what has happened to so many of our beloved people.

‘’Earlier I stood before the attendees at the annual colloquium held on my birthday, explaining to them, and asking for their understanding, why the event could not proceed given what had happened.

‘’Now, I ask for something further from you, as a show of compassion. I have been informed that many people continued to celebrate my birthday at various events in different locations throughout the day. I appreciate the show of support and affection. However, I must ask that such celebrations stop. Now is not the time.

‘’Additionally, I ask all who can, to join me in donating to the families of the bereaved and to the immediate needs of the wounded and distressed. We are one national family. We must aid our brothers and sisters at this time.

‘’Nigeria deserves better than what took place yesterday, and at other times. Terror and banditry have no place here.

‘’We must eradicate them such that these twin evils have no hold on even a centimetre of our national soil. We must not stop until we realize a better future, a greater, more peaceful Nigeria.’’

Tinubu who empathized with the bereaved added that,’’ I offer my thoughts and prayers. To the wounded, may you heal. To the perpetrators, I have nothing to say except that may the justice you face be swift and uncompromising.’’

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