Expert Proffers Solution to Menstrual Health

The World Health organization says menstruation issues in women should, not be seen as hygiene issue.

This follows the large number of women in Nigeria who are suffering in silence due to complications as a result of their menstrual health.

To this end, the
Founder, Immunotherapy Nigeria, Dr. Lawrence Olagunju, has introduced Immunocal medicine which is a bioactive biomolecules product that has contributed to improving women’s health globally for women in Nigeria as the way out.

Dr. Olagunju explained that IMMUNOCAL, repairs a broad range of damaged cells in the body, resulting in hormone balance for men and women, improves menstrual health, control autoimmune conditions, and addresses resistant infectious diseases among many others.

“Immunocal is very powerful and it’s the only product with the ability to influence the three most crucial biosynthesis of health simultaneously”.

“With over 40 years of research, Canadian scientists identified, isolated, and packaged Immunocal, the powerful healing properties found only in Mothers Milk, this is a unique formulation of 28 bioactive biomolecules that is proven with the ability to repair damaged womb, ovaries cells, restore normal, pain-free period flow, and achieve good ovulation, with a potential of obtaining pregnancy faster in women who are pregnancy challenged”.

He added that Immunocal has the ability to provide the complete 9 essential and the 11 non-essential amino acids, the building blocks for the body to make over 1,000 proteins required for body functions, and the modulation of the three most important biosynthesis has been the key to its overwhelming importance.

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