Brazil to celebrate Bicentenary of Independence in Nigeria

The Brazilian Mission in Nigeria is putting the finishing touches to its plan to celebrate the bicentenary independence of the South American country.

Ambassador Carlos Luz, the Consul General of Brazil to Nigeria, announced this at a news briefing in Lagos.

Brazil’s Presidential Palace

Brazil gained independence from Portugal on 7th September 1822, making the country two hundred years old as a free nation this year.

Before then, the Portuguese colonized Brazil for more than three hundred and twenty-two years, during which they imposed their language and ways of life and took advantage of the Latin American country.

Ships with enslaved Africans, including those from southern Nigeria, also landed in Brazil and worked in sugarcane plantations; consequently, they became an integral part of the Brazilian population with their language, culture, and tradition practised I n that country till today.

To this end, the Consulate General in Lagos has organized a series of activities to showcase Brazil’s culture, music, cuisine, sports, and tourism potential to Nigerians and vice versa.

Amb. Carlos Soares Luz, the Consul General of Brazil in Nigeria

Briefing diplomatic editors in Lagos, Brazil’s Consul General, Ambassador Carlos Luz, said the celebration would promote the country and the business opportunities for the Nigerian business community.

“We decide to concentrate on a series of events to promote tourism between the two countries and to have official celebration on the 7th. This will be the first of series of events. Many smaller events were done in Brazil before but this is the first in Nigeria.  We have so many common stories to share. This is the way to go, and we are bringing our creative societies together.”

Ambassador Luz said the Consulate General was collaborating with the Nigerian entertainment industry and innovators to boost business between Brazil and Nigeria.

“We will host a group of Nigerian businessmen looking for opportunities on both sides either in investment or trade. We will also have some Brazilian food and music festivals. We will Brazilian films every month – last Friday of every month.”

The Consul General said Brazil was the world’s largest sugar producer and that Nigeria would soon benefit from a transfer of Brazilian technology to support local production.

Ambassador Luz said Brazil supported Nigerian scholars undertaking post-graduate studies in agriculture in selected Brazilian universities.

Speaking on the importance of celebrating Brazil’s independence in Lagos, the ambassador to the International Society of Diplomats, Ambassador Victor Asije, said Nigeria and Brazil had deep cultural and historical roots.

Amb. Luz with Amb. Victor Asije, the Nigerian Ambassador International Society of Diplomats

“This is a step in the right direction. Historically, they (Brazil and Nigeria) are linked. So, organizing this event for the first time in Nigeria is a step in the right direction. Yorubas are in Brazil and they are here,” said Amb. Asije.

Activities lined up for the week-long celebration of two hundred years of Brazil’s independence include the presentation of Brazilian cuisine to a Lagos audience by two renowned Brazilian chefs, a performance of Brazilian music, including the Samba, and a performance by some Nigerian artists.

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