Nigeria Needs Prayers In All; Security, Leadership, Economy, Education, Others
-Says Primate Ositelu

This is the best period for Nigerians to pray for good leaders and shun idea of tribal and religious sentiments for the sake of the development of the country.
Primate of the church of the Lord worldwide, Dr. Rufus ositelu made the statement at the 86th Mount Tabieorar festival held at Ogere Remo on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
Dr Ositelu noted that Nigeria needed more prayer now than ever before to overcome the diverse challenges facing her.
He said the pathetic security situation of the country is a source of serious concern which calls for prayers.
” My colleague prelates should continue to intercede for Nigeria.
According to Dr. Ositelu, there is also the need for the urgent review of the security architecture of the nation.
Government at all levels should combat insurgency, banditry, kidnapping and wanton destruction of lives and property headlong and all perpetrators be brought to book, he said.
He pointed out that as the 2023 general election is fast approaching, all politicians and stakeholders should let patriotism and selfless service be their watchwords throughout the electioneering campaign during and after the elections as he also advised that they should avoid heating up the polity unnecessarily by exhibiting the fear of God in all that they do.
“Similarly I enjoin Christian leaders to guide their members properly and desist from collecting money in order to support a particular politician.Since the Church is for the people and government is equally for the people, the Church has a duty to advise government by preaching sermons that will spur government at all levels to make policies that will make life better for the governed”
The primate urged Nigerian youths never to allow themselves to be exploited by desperate politicians to perpetrate violence before, during and after the polls.
The man of God emphasized the need for the government to dialogue with the youths for better tomorrow and a new Nigeria.
Dr. Ositelu called on the leadership of the country to consider the clamour for restructuring as a way forward for the nation.
“Restructuring is the major panacea for the numerous challenges confronting the nation. It will ensure good governance, equity,inclusiveness, prosperity, peace and security”
Speaking on the ongoing strike that has grounded activities of the universities in the country, the clergyman called on the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to take urgent steps towards immediate resolution of their disputes and bring an end to the lingering problem with all its attendant negative consequences on the students and education system.
In his message to the nation, the man of God called on government at all levels to embark on more people oriented projects by putting in place structures in the health, education, housing and power sectors.
“The prohibitive cost of living due to inflation is undesirable.The two digit inflation should be urgently reversed through appropriate monetary and people friendly policies”
Dr. Osiitelu also advised the government to vigorously diversify the economy, enhance the standard of education, control the population and encourage self employment.
The man of God said there is the need to stem the rising wave of migration of Nigerian professionals such as professors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses etc to Europe America and Canada in search of greener pastures.
“I wish to call on government to continue to work assiduously to proffer solutions to our economic problems through job creation employment opportunities and providing conducive and enabling environment for doing business”
The Primate also stressed the need for Nigerians irrespective of tribes, religion, ethnicity or political affiliations to live together in peace, love and unity as there can be no meaningful development in an atmosphere devoid of peace.
“Let us continue to intercede for Nigeria for God to mercifully heal our land so that the nation can enjoy lasting peace, security and sustainable development’ he advised.

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