Chrisland School Saga: State Witness Says There Is No Electrocution in Ministry Report.

A Lagos State High Court, Ikeja has learned that there was no mention of electrocution in the report on Whitney Adeniran’s death by a fact-finding mission of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development.

Whitney, a student of Chrisland School, died of an alleged electrocution on February 9, 2023, during an Inter-house sports competition that was held at the Agege Stadium, Lagos State. She was 12 years old.

The prosecution’s third witness, a Deputy Director with the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Mr Jubril Yakubu Abisogun, told the court there was no mention of electrocution in the fact-finding report during his cross-examination by the counsel to the first defendant, Bimpe Ajegbomogun.

The witness who had served for 24 years said that the father of the deceased, Michael Adeniran, was the first person who stated that his daughter, Whitney, died from electrocution at the Agege Stadium.

She probed the witness, a social welfare officer, on why an investigation into the death of Whitney by the Safeguarding and Child Protection Alliance Group (SCPAG) indicting the school would not mention Michael’s allegation that an electrocution killed his daughter.

The SCPAG, according to the witness, is a committee that comprises officers from several Lagos State Ministries, including Youth and Social Development, Education and Justice.

The counsel to the first defendant also probed the witness on the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy of Lagos State document which the prosecution tendered to be admitted in evidence on the last adjourned date on who’s responsible for monitoring the adherence of schools to the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy of Lagos State?”

In his reply, Yakubu noted that it’s the responsibility of his Ministry, “Youth and Social Development”

Ajegbomogun then put it to the witness that based on his answer, the SCPAG which formed the fact-finding mission and the Ministry of Youth and Social Development failed to carry out their duties.

She also asked the witness, “Why was there no representation from Agege Stadium in the fact-finding mission?”

Abisogun responded that the fact-finding mission was held for only the management and staff of Chrisland School.

On his part of cross-examination, the second defendant’s counsel, Richard Ahonaruogho, SAN, pointed out to the witness that the fact-finding mission report did not invite the Agege stadium officials and did not refer to the stadium in its report.

The witness said that it was not part of his responsibility to investigate Agege Stadium and its officials.

“Agege Stadium was not within the purview of my investigation as a social welfare officer.

“The implementation of the policy doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to the whole school assessment committee, the Domestic and Sexual Violation Agency and the Ministry for Youth and Development.

The counsel to the second defendant also pointed out to the witness that Chrisland School’s Consultant Child Psychologist, who was also in charge of safety, was exempted from the fact-finding meeting because she was not a member of the school’s management and staff.

He also queried Abisogun on the fact that the first defendant, Adewale Ademoye who is the Cotton candy vendor at the Agege Stadium, was also exempted from the fact-finding meeting, as well as the parents of the deceased.

The witness said that the fact-finding of his report was addressed to the school management and their legal representation.

He added that the parents of the deceased were not present at the meeting held on Feb. 14, 2023.

He also reiterated that the management of the stadium was also not invited to the fact-finding meeting.

The witness further said it was not indicated in his report that the school did not have a child protection officer.

The Silk pointed out to the court that Abisogun’s report on the last adjourned date where he stated that Chrisland School was insensitive to the situation of the deceased was false, having not considered a key witness in his fact-finding mission.

Ahonaruogho brought out the medical report that showed how the school’s nurse attended to the late Whitney at the Agege Stadium to back up his claim.

The Lagos State Government on March 31, 2023, charged Chrisland Schools, its principal and vice principal and two others with the killing of Whitney.

Those charged alongside the school are Ademoye Adewale (a cotton candy vendor), Kuku Fatai, Belinda Amao (Principal) and Victoria Nwatu.

Adediran was allegedly electrocuted on Feb. 9, 2023, during the school’s inter-house sports competition at the Agege Stadium, Lagos State.

Justice Oyindamola Ogala adjourned the matter to March 21 for continuation of trial.

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