Hausa Community cries out over Lagos Commissioner’s High Handedness

Members of the Arewa Community in South-West All Progressives Congress (APC), have accused the Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructural Development, Arch. Kabiru Abdullahi of gross misconduct.

At a press conference in Lagos on Saturday, Chairman of the Arewa Community APC Lagos State and South-West, Engr. Sa’adu Dandare explained that the press conference became necessary to set the records straight over the true state of things in the Arewa Community.

Dandare stated that Arewa Community for a very long time have being together as one indivisible block and does everything together, “where there is an issue of conflicting interest, it does not take us time to address it and resolve it oncs and for all particularly through our leaders.

“In 2007, after Governor Babatunde Fashola emerged as the flag bearer of Action Congress, the then chairman of Arewa in person of Late Alhaji Sidi Ali was elected chairman in 1999 unopposed in Idiaraba Primary School Mushin, while Arc. Kabiru emerged as the General Secretary.

“If you may all recollect that the election, which brought Fashola into power was so overwhelming as he pulled over 1.5 million votes which is unprecedented, the campaign was led by Late Sidi Ali, ever since then, Kabiru became envious of Sidi Ali’s performance and apparently led a group of mutinies to overthrow the democratically elected chairman.

“This led him to forcefully cease the party bus, which the then chairman of Action Congress officially gave to Sidi Ali on personal recognition of his immense contributions and hardwork in all the election conducted from 1999-2007, not only that but also for adopting a unique strategy where by he ensured our people trooped out to vote massively for Babatunde Fashola.

“Meanwhile, Kabiru was appointed as General Manager Lagos State Planning and Environmental Monitoring Authority (LASPEMA) by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and ever since, he overthrew Late Sidi Ali as chairman for his selfish interest, since then, Sidi Ali health has never been the same till he met his death.

“If you may recall, we have written several letters challenging his claim and for usurpation as Arewa Chairman. It will interest you to know that our people are not happy with his activities and self-impose by grabbing power through the back door, and apparently made our people stopped going out to vote.

“It means there is no separation of power as enshrined in APC constitution and the Nigerian constitution where it clearly stated the duty of the governor is not in anyway in conflict with that of the state chairman of the party, in Kabiru’s case due to his envious character and thirst for power he has been parading himself as Arewa chairman illegally, telling all sort of lies in the corridors of power and to our party leaders.

“Nowhere election ever took place, anytime we planned to organise an election, Kabiru will go and meet the state chairman and sabotage the process in order not to hold because he knew that he is unpopular.

“If not with the personal effort and resources I committed by touring all the 57 Local Government Areas and the 37 Local Council Development Areas, where I talk to our people and rekindle back their hope, many of our people have taken a position not to go and cast their votes so long as Kabiru is the one to lead the Arewa in the next coming campaign in 2023.

“But I can assure you now that with my coming on board as the chairman of Arewa Community APC Lagos State, I am able to win back the heart of our people.

We wonder what Arc. Kabiru Abdullahi  wants to achieve in cheap blackmailing of some of us. It is worthy of note that we,  the Arewa Community in Lagos have been contributing largely to our greet party since the AD days to date, in which all the major markets controlled by the Arewa people usually contribute funds to organise major rallies for all past governors. But Kabiru has never organised one personally without resorting for financial support from the party.

“Ironically, for the past 21 years that Kabiru has been holding public office, he has never done any empowerment not even once, nor given scholarship to our students. The Arewa Community are fed up with recycling only one man being representing us for over 20 years.

“For the past 20 years, Kabiru has engaged in character assassination by writing petitions against the Sarkin Hausawa of Lagos, the Sarkin Fulani of Lagos, the Sarkin Agege, alleging that they are the ones who killed his brother, this is a lie from the pit of hell. 

“Asiwaju’s election is critical to us and it’s his turn to be president of Nigeria come 2023, therefore all hands must be on deck because it is payback time, hence Asiwaju need total and overwhelming victory in 2023 Insha-Allah,” he added.

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