EWIP Engages Members on Back-to-School Scheme, to tackle illiteracy

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Evolving Women in Progress and Community Development (EWIP) in collaboration with the Charitable Network for Community Empowerment (CHANCE) and The Rewrite Nigeria Development Initiative (TRNDI), embarked on a back to school scheme in Lagos, seeking to enhance the access to basic an quality education.opening remarks, Mrs. Olajumoke Saliu – the Lagos Chapter Coordinator spoke to the importance of eradicating illiteracy in a bid to achieve true and sustainable development.

“We started out as Evolving Women in Politics. However, Upon registration as Evolving Women in Progress and Development, our scope was broadened to include all interventions such as – advocacy for women’s political participation, empowerment activities, girl-child protection programmes, child development and welfare activities and advocacy against indiscrimination and all forms of violence against women,” she said.

“As part of our intervention programmes, we are here at a school within the White Sand area of ljora Badia, a typically disadvantaged Community, to give them school supplies like bags, books and writing materials,” she said.

Members of Charitable Network for Community Empowerment (CHANCE) and The Rewrite Nigeria Development Initiative (TRNDI) were well represented at the event.

“We collaborated with EWIP on this very laudable project, first because EWIP is a reputable body that shares our ideals and this very well fits within our scope. Secondly, all we saw was true need and we felt that impact would be greatly made in that community if embarked upon. We look forward to many more partnerships towards sustainable development” said the spokesperson for CHANCE.

In line with one of EWIPs aims and objectives “liaising with other Non-Governmental Organizations with shared interests“, The Rewrite Nigeria Development Initiative (TRNDI) represented by the founder Gloria Jemedafe also a member of EWIP collaborated on TRNDIs existing project “Whitesand“ and EWIP has promised to further bring succor to the children and families in that community .

EWIP Lagos Coordinator Mrs. Olajumoke Saliu and a Teacher

While rounding up, the chapter coordinator stated that before the year runs out the organization has series of other impact-driven activities. “Upcoming in the last quarter of the year would be our hygiene outreach to teenage girls; walk against indiscrimination and many more” she said.

The highpoint of the event was the reaction of the recipients and residents. In high spirits, they thanked the organizers for alleviating their pains and applauded them for such a laudable programme in delicate times as this in the country.

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