National Bureau of Statistics to Implement Major Survey Outcomes in Q1 2022

By Ebere Obike

The recently launched household surveys, the Nigerian Living Standard Survey, NLSS, and the Nigerian Labour Force Survey, NLFS, by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, will be in operation in the first quarter of 2023.

The Statistician General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer, NBS, Mr Semiu Adeyemi Adeniran, made this known at the Meeting of the National Consultative Committee of Statistics, NCCS, in Lagos.

The two days event has as its theme; the direct implication of sectorial statistics in curbing inflation”.

Mr Adeyemi Adeniran explained that when these two surveys are completed , they will provide detailed household information and insights into labour and welfare conditions in Nigeria, which are arguably two of the issues mostly impacted by inflation.

He noted that the Nigerian Living Standard Survey, would provide detailed information on household consumption, education, health, employment, housing conditions, assets, household enterprise and other key non-monetary indicators of welfare.

According to Mr Adeyemi Adeniran, the Nigerian Labour Force Survey, NLFS,is a strategic survey designed to collect and analyse labour market statistics for the country, including the widely anticipated headline unemployment and underemployment rates.

He pointed out that While the unemployment and underemployment rates are very important figures that indicate the number of persons economically engaged, the NLFS also contains a lot more equally important information that offers useful insight into the health of the labour market in Nigeria.

Mr Adeyemi Adeniran expressed optimism that these surveys, in addition to other data collection activities would provide government with the information required to address the impacts of inflation, among other conditions, that lead to a gradual month-on-month basis decline in the growth rate.

“At the Bureau,, we remain committed to playing our coordinating role and supporting the statistical system to grow and develop. Over the next months and years, you will see a clear improvement along this line, as opportunities will be extended to the sub-national Bureaus that show real commitment and passion for moving the bar further along within their respective states, he said”.

Mr Adeyemi Adeniran also noted that starting from January next year, the Bureau will commence the zonal dissemination of the MPI Report launched in November.

He added that Under this process, the results of each state in the respective zones will be presented in detail.

On his part,the Chairman NBS Governing Board; Dr Kabiru Nakaura, stated that the outcome of the meeting would enable a review of the strategy of National Consultative Committee , towards on statistics.

“The aim of the meeting is to reflect, re-strategies and review the strategy of National Consultative Committee on statistics with the purpose of ensuring the essence of data is not forgotten but rather given utmost consideration, he said”.

In an address of welcome, the Lagos State Director of Statistics, Mr Bashiru Tenitayo Oseni-Ope, said the forum would assist to strengthen coordination among major practitioners in National Statistical System in Nigeria.

“The purpose of the meeting was to examine the statistical programmes of various agencies with a view to avoiding duplication, rendering unnecessary advice and training among the 3 tiers of government-National Sub Regional and 3rd tier level, Mr Oseni-Ope said”.

Statisticians from all over the country attended the two days National Consultative Committee of Statistics,

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