NCF Begins 2022 Operation With Outreach in Mushin

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation, NCF, has taken its environmental outreach to Ishaga area of Mushin, Lagos. 

The outreach which is the foundation’s major activity in the year involves cleaning of the surroundings, clearing of drainage and community sensitization.
The NCF team including staff members and volunteers came prepared with the necessary sanitation tools like rakes, spade, broom, cutlass and bags for storing gathered solid wastes.
NCF officials had landed at Ishaga Close Primary School, Ishaga Mushin , before coming to Seriki Street where the major activity took place.
The foundation is taking advantage of the Thursday weekly sanitation exercise in Lagos State to sensitize the people on the importance of embracing sound sanitation culture.

 Residents of the street who were happy that their area was chosen for the exercise, participated actively in sanitising the surroundings.
The programme also provided an ample opportunity to talk to children in the area and their parents on the need for them to embrace education. It was gathered that, there children do not go school as their parents see no need for western education.
Speaking, a resident who is angry about the development, noted that a certain man there had to open a small school and was  giving money to the children as a way of making education attractive to them. “They don’t go to school here. It is worse among the girls. The girls don’t go at all. They are just watching them to grow in order to give them out for marriage”, he said.

Pupils of Ishaga Close Primary School and Islamic Model School were major stakeholders in the sanitation exercise.
Mushin which is among the most populated Local Government Areas in Lagos,is known to be challenged by issues related to waste management. 
The programme was organised with support from two more environmental foundations.

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