NIHOTOUR Rewards Best Campus and Outstanding Staff Members of the Institute

The National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) has rewarded Most Outstanding Staff Members of the Year 2023 and Best Campus of the Year 2023.
The yearly Best Campus and Outstanding Staff Members award system was introduced by the Director General of NIHOTOUR, Nura Sani Kangiwa in 2021.
The award system is a 12-calendar month performance evaluations matrix that straddles a preceding and a current year, hence this latest award is for May 2022 to June 2023.
The winners will be publicly decorated during the Gala Night of NIHOTOUR Gastronomy Festival on the 17th of June.

While Lagos Campus emerged as the Over-all Best NIHOTOUR Campus of the Year 2023 , the Coordinator of NIHOTOUR Lagos Campus is Mrs. Chinyere Uche-Ibeabuch and Mrs. Gemma Simon, the SERVICOM Unit Head in NIHOTOUR Abuja office, emerged as the Best Staff of the Year; and Mr. Haladu Habu Wakili, a staff in the Registry Unit in NIHOTOUR Abuja office, emerged as the Most Dedicated Staff of the Year 2023.
In keeping with the rewards tradition introduced by present , the Director General of NIHOTOUR, Nura Sani Kangiwa the announced winners will be given travel rewards, accordingly, Mrs. Chinyere Uche-Ibeabuchi, the Lagos Campus Head, and Mrs. Gemma Simon, the SERVICOM Unit Head, will both have a paid vacation to Tunisia; while Mr. Haladu Wakili and his wife, will be given a paid vacation to Senegal.

The Director General explained that NIHORTOUR as primarily public service provider is here to serve the needs of the public and, to achieve that most effectively they need to build internal processes that encourage staff excellence, improve zonal operations and maintain sustainable reward systems that keeps all staff productive and motivated.
He emphasized the need provide NIHOTOUR staff foreign travels to leading tourist destinations for holidays for cognate experience and to improve on the country’s tourism industry development support services and administration.
Pointing out that his years in the private sector has convinced him that, well-informed and cognately experienced civil servants are naturally more progressive in addressing sector-specific needs and quick to provide intervention services to personnel and businesses in the industry. To these end, among others, he would ensure more NIHOTOUR staff, at the three levels – top, middle and junior levels – are progressively exposed to emerging domestic and international best practises in other leading tourism destinations, through fully-funded trips, as one of the rewards for exemplary work in the Institute.

Alhaji Kangiwa added that arguably Nigeria has the most resourceful cultural tourism destination in Africa today and explained Nigeria’s diversity of tribes, are producing internationally-appealing eclectic traditional festivals, fashion trends, musical acts, culinary, and creative cultural arts.

The newly announced winners of the Best Campus and Most Outstanding Staff Members of NIHOTOUR will be decorated and given their travel reward packages on 17th June 2023 during the NIHOTOUR Gastronomy Festival gala night at the Abuja International Conference Centre. On the same night, the Institute will also give out multimillion Naira prizes to the top-three culinary schools that won the NIHOTOUR cooking competition held in May 2023 to herald the 3rd NIHOTOUR Gastronomy Festival.

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