Security situation in Lagos state calls for No Worry or Fear…. CP odumosu

The Commissioner of police, Lagos State, Mr Hakeem Odumosu says the Command, under his watch, in collaboration with other security agencies in Lagos State, have built and sustained solid security architecture which has positively influenced public safety and economic growth in the State.

He made the remarks while presenting a paper at the Lagos Chamber of commerce and Industry 2021 Security Meets Business Dialogue Series.

He said everyone is not unaware of the general security challenges that are noticeable in Lagos which include armed robbery, cultism, robbery-in-traffic, gangsterism, land grabbing, cyber-crimes, and lately traffic gridlock. According to him, these security challenges are however not insurmountable as the Command has thrived hard in arresting perpetrators and curbing the challenges as required of us.

In this regard, the Command, with its anti-crime strategies and the help of the general public, has recorded an appreciable number of achievements from January, 2021 till date.

” The achievements recorded across the state in the period under review included the arrest of four hundred and ninety-three (493) armed robbers (including traffic robbers), three hundred and ninety-seven cultists and one hundred and eighty six (186) suspects for murder cases. In the same vein, one hundred and sixty robbery (160) incidents perpetrated by the hoodlums were foiled, while six (6) residential robberies were successful but no life lost in any of these.

In addition, the Command was able to recover forty(40) stolen vehicles: ninety-eight (98) arms and two hundred and forty-three (243) various calibers of ammunitions: eleven (11) dangerous weapons and some illicit drugs.” In similar vein, he noted that the menaces being perpetrated by Okada operators to aid crimes and criminality in the State are worrisome.

The Command has briefed the State Government onthis trend with a view to arresting the situation and making theState safe. ” I am not unaware of the efforts of the State Government to curb this. As a result, the recalcitrant criminally minded riders are daily being dealt with according to the law by the Command. Their operations within central business districts, banks and other business environments are daily being curtailed.”

So far, three thousand, seven hundred (3,700) motorcycles have been impounded and crushed in line with the order of the court within this period. The Lagos police boss said It is no longer news that the State is also experiencing heavy traffic in major areas due to series of ongoing road rehabilitation/construction across the State. The situation has on several occasions slow down the economic progress with so many man-hours being lost on the roads across the State.

Also, the hoodlums at times capitalize on the gridlock occasioned by the road reconstructions to attack motorists. The Command is not overwhelmed by this recurring decimal as both the Federal and State Ministry of Works and Transport and the contractors handling some of the projects have been engaged to shift the road work to less traffic peak periods,particularly, at night time while the Police provide adequate security coverage for them.

The Local Governments Chairmen, Landlords and the Community Development Association Leaders have been implored to always keep their street gates open so as to serve as alternative routes for diversion of traffic. These measures have gone a long way to alleviating the traffic challenges and enhance the movement of people while carrying out their daily business and commercial activities across the State.

He said the Command is also aware of the ripple effect of drug abuse and misuse on the general security trend of Nigeria and specifically in Lagos State. Recently, the Command was able to recover illicit and dangerous drugs of various kinds, in multiples, during its operations in some areas of the State.

This is detrimental to the security setting of the State. Based on constant interviews and investigations, the command often discovered that, some of the arrested miscreants become hyperactive and engage in criminal activities which are triggered by drug abuse and misuse. These are being thoroughly tackled in all ramifications. The suspects and the exhibits so far recovered have been handed over to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for necessary action.

This he said is the practicability of synergy between our agencies. To curb this trend, the Command has commenced sensitization of the public, particularly, the youths on the dangers inherent in drug abuse. “Of important to state is that, the spate of bank robbery which were hitherto been past time in Lagos State has with the coming of my administration in the command, become a thing of the past, as no single bank robbery has taken place.

This as gone a long way in stabilizing the banking environment and investment/ lodgment of the business community has been growing in leaps and bonds”. “Very importantly too, no life of staff or customer of business community has been lost to bank robbery in the state. Strategist that the command put in place to stop this and which has stopped this trend shall continue to be strengthened.”

Mr. Odumosu said in line with the adopted anti-crime strategies being emplaced by the Command and spirited efforts of theGovernment and good people of the State, Lagos State is very easy to be effectively policed to suit our targeted aims and objectives on its socio-economic turn-around and development.

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