ANAP expresses concern over dwindling workforce due to mass retirement from service

…..calls for CoS approval

The Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals, ANAP, has expressed worry over the vacuum to be created with the mass retirement of key officers after their mandatory 35 years of service across aviation agencies.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos, the ANAP Secretary General, Comrade Abdulrazak Saidu attributed the vacuum to man made alleging that, some people in the system failed to promote workers that were due to be promoted while in office. 

According to him, the perpetrators either transferred these set of workers out or deliberately hide their files. 

“Those people that are supposed to be promoted to take over from them when they retire, they will not promote them, their file will get lost or they will transfer the person away thinking that, that office is their birthright but at least they will retire. Let them go and when they go, the management will look inward and the management will appoint the most senior to take over”.

He urged the Management of aviation agencies to appoint those that merit the appointment on the order of seniority to avoid a vaccum. 

The ANAP scribe also advised the Chief Executives Officers of Aviation Agencies, not to encourage contract staff and  not to allow the retirees to come back as consultants. 

On the issue of Conditions of Service CoS, Comrade Saidu said, the issue had dragged on for many years now, adding that, this year, the unions in the Industry would not hesitate to take stern action to ensure the CoS is approved.

“The main duty of the union is to protect the interest of workers and fight for the working condition of its members condition of service, when you get approval, there must be a letter. By the Act, it is the Governing Board of Directors that decide the workers condition of promotion, it is not domiciled with the ministry or the Minister”.

He urged workers to be ready to fight for their rights this year as the unions were ready to protect them.

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