Cleric Lists Ten Qualities Nigeria’s Next President Must Possess

The Metropolitan and Senior Pastor of House on the Rock church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin has outlined the qualities Nigerians should look out
for before selecting the next president of the Country in 2023.

Before preaching his Easter Sunday sermon titled “The Greatest Inflection Point Ever” at the Church headquarters in Lekki Lagos, Pastor Paul Adefarasin said Nigerians should hold out for a visionary leader with the country’s best interest, a respecter of the rule of law, a communicator versed in international relations who can re-market Nigeria in the international community.

“Somebody who can show us our Eldorado, our potential for utopia, and the next leader must never have been associated with terrorism nor be a sponsor of it, must be properly given to development and prioritizes development above most other things, he/she must be properly and totally de-tribalized”

Urging Christians to get their PVC and to join a party of their choice, Pastor Paul Adefarasin noted that the next leader of Nigeria must be “de-religionized”

“I am not saying they shouldn’t have faith in God, but let your faith show in how you execute justice, equity, righteousness, development, security…etc, that’s the way you give witness to the goodness of your faith, by being a just man/woman” he counseled.

The Clergyman who expressed disinterest in a Christian party, noted that such a party would divide the nation.

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