Commendation, Frustration, Greet Lagos Govt’s New Vehicle Roadworthiness Policy

….Victor Okiche.

In December last year, the Directorate of Vehicle Inspection Service in Lagos, introduced a new policy on issuance of road worthiness certificate for vehicles which is to take effect from January this year.

The policy states that road worthiness certificate will no longer be issued to motorists that are not physically present for the inspection of their vehicles.

According to the Directorate of Vehicle Inspection Service in Lagos, only vehicles inspected at the computerized vehicle inspection test centres will be issued roadworthiness certificate as vehicle papers will no longer be issued by proxy.

The Director of the State Vehicle Inspection Service, Mr. Akin-George Fashola, said the old format of issuing a certificate on proxy was no longer sustainable as most vehicle owners do not bother to present their vehicle for inspection once the certificate had been issued, hence, the ‘No Vehicle Inspection, No Roadworthiness Certificate’ policy.

“The old format of issuing a roadworthiness certificate and then expecting the vehicle owners to bring their automobiles forward for inspection within 30 days is no longer sustainable as most people do not bring their vehicles for the said inspection once the certificate is issued.” 

Mr. Fashola, also outlined some of the tests to be carried out, “We test for the tyres, break capacity, steering capacity, shocks, your head-light is aiming in the right direction, your indicator, your wipers are working, your windshield is not cracked, those are the requirements laid down by law that you have to pass”

The Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service boss, Mr. Fashola gave the assurance that there were enough computerized testing centres in the state to cover the 57 Local Governments and Local Development Council Areas in Lagos State.

Following the policy, Radio Nigeria observed that scores of vehicle owners have daily besieged the agency’s office as they await their turn.

The Lagos State Government had disclosed that out of the 26,442 vehicles that were inspected in January this year, 15,998 of them passed the test while 10,444 failed the minimum safety standard tests.

While some vehicle owners see the system as a welcome development saying, it would put a stop to rickety vehicles on the road, others are not pleased with the new policy having to physically present their vehicles for inspection before obtaining the roadworthiness certificate.

“They use computer to check some certain things which we later found out to be faulty, so I think it is a welcome idea”

“This new policy is okay. People just bring lots of damaged cars to the road. This is an opportunity to make us have a safety road”

“You don’t need to carry the vehicle to their office, you must know that the vehicle is okay before you take it to the road. You will waste all your time in their office”.

Explaining some amendments made on the procedure of receiving the certificate, the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Fredrick Oladeinde, stated, that the vehicle inspection would be based on scheduled appointments.

The commissioner also affirmed that public transport owners are not left behind in the new policy regime as some have had their vehicles already checked, noting that Vehicle Inspection Officers are also engaging commercial drivers at various motor parks for vehicle checks to further reduce the convergence of vehicles at the inspection test centres.

He noted that the 30 days window of inspection period had been reviewed to 60 days in order to reduce the panic being experienced by motorists in some test centres.

Mr. Oladeinde, added that the policy was introduced to clampdown on rickety vehicles, improve safety on the road and address traffic congestion sometimes caused by break down of vehicles on the roads. #

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