Public affairs analyst, Mr Adegbenro Adebanjo

Get rich quick syndrome has assumed a dangerous dimension among youths which perhaps calls for urgent attention to curtail the trend.

Although there is nothing wrong with a young person acquiring wealth, fraudulent and, diabolic wealth acquisition have left many in pain.

Many reports have indicated a growing youths’ desire for ill-gotten wealth, such as the recent confession of a four-member gang, including teenagers that they killed one of their girlfriends for a money ritual in Ogun State.

The gruesome murder of Oluwabamise Ayanwole who was allegedly kidnapped onboard a BRT in Lagos recently is another example of such inhuman act.

A public affairs analyst, Mr Adegbenro Adebanjo, blamed eroding morals at the home front and the celebration of wealth above ethics as responsible for killing for money rituals.

”In the day of yore, when we were growing up, whenever you brought in something that was not yours, you would be queried by your parents and you would be publicly disgraced. Because of that, it was difficult for you to do things that were aberrational or abnormal in terms of looking for wealth. We are not saying that there were not people who were looking for money illicitly then, but they are in the thinnest minority”.

Mr Adebanjo called on the relevant regulatory agencies to caution movie and music producers against unhealthy wealth promotion.

A member of the Youth Parliament representing the Southwest region, Comrade Ayoade Kikiowo, said that when the society failed to celebrate hard work, it would encourage people to make money through devious means.

”The act of putting value on hard work should start from the family. The society is shifting from celebrating handwork and embracing people that are fixing the society”.

The Director of the National Orientation Agency in Lagos State, NOA, Mr Waheed Ishola, charged youths to shun wealth through fraudulent and diabolic means because it could destroy their lives and compromise their future.

”The youth should be more focused on how to use their skills to make ends meet and not to involve in ritual killings to get wealth or cultism”.

Other respondents charged the government to check the trend of get-rich-quick syndrome through job provision, leadership training and a change in their orientation.

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