Delays, pilfered, lost luggage, cancellations top passengers complaints on FCCPC 2022 records

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC says, it successfully resolved 213 complaints out of 674  received from the aviation industry last year. 

The Executive Commissioner Operations, FCCPC, Dr. Adamu Abdullahi said, there was significant improvement in 2022 based on the number of complaints received from air travellers that were resolved compared to 2021.

According to statistics from the FCCPC, in terms of complaints last year, aviation ranked third with 674, financial services topped the list with 5, 709 followed by electricity and power with 3, 293 complaints.

From all the sectors, 13,580 complaints were received and 3, 327 resolved by the commission compared to 2021 with 10,178 complaints received and 1,990 resolved.

Apart from delays and cancellation of flights, thee Executive Commissioner Operations, FCCPC, Dr. Adamu Abdullahi, listed other areas complaints were received from the aviation industry.

“Pilfered baggage, lost baggage, airport experience, general condition of the terminals, cooling system and discourteous services, essentially delays, cancellations”.

He explained that, all these complaints came in through their complaints portal and from all their zonal offices across the country while those received on social media were resolved immediately by the public affairs unit.

Dr. Abdullahi emphasized that, these complaints would have reduced if airline operators carried their passengers along when they had challenges and seek their understanding.

”You buy a ticket you come and sit in the airport hours unending, you don’t even get any sort of information on the status of your flight and that really angers passengers. if you normally carry them along and tell them, these are the challenges that you are facing, it normally bring down the tempers and that is always what we encourage our service providers to do as in the airlines”.

He said, the FCCPC is working on signing a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU with the various sectors and any complaints received with be channelled to the sector concern and a time limit given within which a response is expected.

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