Eedris: Fans Pray for Veteran Rapper Diagnosed with Kidney Failure

By Justin Okeke

Goodwill messages have been pouring in for veteran Hip hop  rapper, Eedris Abdul-Kareem who has been diagnosed with kidney failure.

A statement by his manager reveals that the jagajaga crooner has been undergoing dialysis since detection at a hospital in Lagos.

Some people who spoke to our  Correspondent, said Eedris Abdul-Kareem was among the  pioneers of rap music in Nigeria and prayed he gets well

Others said  it hurts to see a loved one seriously sick, and prayed his surgery goes well  by the end of this month

While some people  who acknowledged listening to  his music  way back, called  on the entertainment industry to come to his aid

Eedris Abdul-Kareem, who was a member of the defunct  group Remedies in the 90s,  before going solo, is  married with Children, and has songs like Mr Lecturer, Country hard, koleyewon, and others to his credit.

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