Entertainment: Reality TV Shows and Life After

Over the years the Nigeria entertainment industry has produced reality TV shows that have left indelible marks in the lives of contestants and beautiful memories in viewers.

Some of these reality TV shows include Big Brother Naija, The Voice Nigeria , Nigerian idol , Nigeria’s Got Talent, Gulder Ultimate Search, Dating Game Nigeria and lots more.

How do people get to know about these reality TV shows and participate in them?

Modoluwamu Ogunmoyero ,who was a runners up of Nigeria Idol 2015 said she got to know about the competition on TV and online and decided to showcase her talent to the world

For Aderombi Adedayo of big brother double wahala season 3, 2018, reality TV shows can pave the way to exhibiting one’s talent for a wider audience to get to know them better and bigger opportunities can follow

But after such reality TV shows, the reality of life begins to dawn on the contestants to take it to the next level. So how have they been fairing after their appearances on different reality TV shows.

According to some who spoke to our entertainment correspondent life has been challenging but it has given them open doors but still believe more opportunities awaits them

So, what are brands, show promoters or record labels doing to ensure that the stars of reality TV shows get the necessary publicity

According to the General Manager Premier Records limited Michael Odiong , record labels have not really been given the chance to assist winners of reality TV shows except there is a partnership between the record label and such shows.

Though the shows entertains, educates, and keep viewers spellbound , some respondents are of the opinion that more stake holders should be involved in ensuring that stars of such shows remain relevant.

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