Expert proffers solution to building collapse in Nigeria

Following the recent building Collapse at Ebutte Metta  a civil engineer,  Mr. Babatunji Adegoke has advised that all distressed building in the area be monitor closely by the relevant authority to prevent  the incessant  lost of lives .

Mr. Adegoke who explained that there is need for the professionals in the building sector to up the games and ensure that the artisans they engage in their projects are well trained, he also urged members of the public not to engage quacks and  un-professionals  when embarking  on any  building project.

“Government needs to step up on their enforcement and monitoring of construction projects, they should also partner with the professional bodies to stem the kind of building collapse as it is becoming very embarrassing to the country and we need to find a lasting solution to the problem”.

Mr. Adegoke explained that with proper monitoring frequent building collapse will be curbed in Lagos and the country at large.

He added that many of the incidents of building collapses in Lagos would have been averted if people can adhered to lay down standards and engagement of professional.

“We need to have a system to checkmate people who are into building constructions in the country, by checking they have been through the necessary trainings that certify them in the profession”.

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