Improved Elderly and Child Care Services Advocated in Nigeria

A UK based Care Specialist, Ms Titilayo Shonubi has advocated improved elderly and child care services in Nigeria.

She made the call in Ikeja during the launching of a Care Academy and graduation of thirty-two trained Health Care Assistant by the Into Skill For Care limited.

Ms Shonubi who is one of the Directors at Into Skill For Care, particularly decried the shortage of trained elderly care specialists in Nigeria, urged government to look into the training of personnel and establishment of more elderly care homes across the country.

She said: “In Nigeria, we see keeping our elderly ones in a care home as a taboo but that is wrong. It is high time we begin to see the advantages in doing so.
“Most people work nine to five jobs and their elderly ones just sit at home bored but when in a care home, they will relate with their peers on the same level and continue with activities they loved to do. These activities will help to stimulate their brains and earn them more active years.
“I believe we need more of professional care homes in Nigeria to also ease the stress of caring for children and the elderly. That is why Into Skills for Care is training people to become professionals in this field. We train you on the 15 standard care certificate which is the minimum certificates needed to work in the UK.”

She said her Organisation is making arrangements to establish a standard elderly care home somewhere in Ogun State.

Another Director at Into Skill For Care, Miss Tomi Banjoko said the Organisation, which has been in existence since 2017 decided to trained interested Nigerians to meet UK standard care and to also help them seek employment, by taking advantage of the tier 2 visa through five partnering health care recruitment companies over there in the UK.

She added: “This training is especially to help Nigerians get into the UK easily by becoming care givers. The UK recently launched its tier two visa where they’re bringing in healthcare professionals from all over the world because there is a shortage of healthcare staff.
“We not only train people, but we also help with other important aspects of the relocation. We work with about five care firms in the UK looking to recruiting and link our trainees with them. These firms cater for whatever is needed for the relocation, including an initial three-year stay and work visa, one month accommodation, health insurance, among other benefits. The six weeks training is based on UK standard so our trainees are familiar with questions when they attend interviews. We also work on their curriculum vitae so they are relevant to the positions being applied for and are more attractive to prospective employers”

Some of those trained said they are already working in the care field and are looking forward to maximizing opportunities in the sector.

One of them, Linda Papo, said the training opened her eyes to the care world, especially for the elderly, with her mother being her first patient.
She added: “It was through this training that I was able to properly care for my mother who had dementia and diabetes. I have had three placements so far and now I can say I have a career in the care field.I’m also glad about this care certificate because it is also a step further into the career.” She said

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