Lagos East Baptist recommends solutions to insecurity, other challenges in Nigeria

The need for Nigerians to guide against inciteful comments and negative use of the social media has again been emphasized.

This time, it was part of the resolutions adopted by the conference of the Lagos East Baptist Annual conference held in Lagos.

The conference which drew delegates from 250 branches across the country, itemized a number of recommendations towards lasting peace and progress in the country.

It urged the public to desist from unverifiable information that could distabilize the peaceful coexistence of the people.

The conference called on security agencies to live up to their responsibility in checking the insecurity challenges through more proactive measures in surveillance and intelligence gathering.

The President of the church, the Reverend Mathew Awujoola explained that the theme of the conference ” running with joy” was an encouragement to all Christians to propagate the gospel for the salvation of mankind.

“We sensitize ourselves and Christians to be keen about their Christian race; what Jesus Christ called light and salt; savouring society, impacting the world to become better.
“We urge that our government need to brace up , our security outfit to make things better than what we have , make sure that the security apparatuses are equipped and bandits are not given upper hand over the state”

The Chairman of the event Dr. Julius Omomola expressed optimism that God, in its infinite mercy, will help to surmount the problems bedeviling the country.

“I feel a great concern with regards to security. We keep praying and trusting God that the government through the security forces will up their games because we have seen that one of the strategies they have adopted seems not to have achieved the desired result. That’s why we keep advocating that something should be done better”.

“Granting amnesty to criminals and murderers parading themselves as repented bandits is not in the interest of fairness, justice and equity”.

He urged the fedreral and state governments to check the high cost of governance and invest more in the health sector to promote qualitative healthcare delivery to Nigerians.

“Government both Federal and States are also advised to be sincere in cutting down the cost of governance and drastically reduce external borrowing if it cannot be totally stopped”.

“The Nigerian citizens are faced with lots of health challenges for various reasons, including lack of quality healthcare, poor hygiene, lack of safe water and insufficient financial investment by Government”.

Dr Omomola called for strict adherence to the principle of Federal character in employment, adding that the policy was instituted to foster national unity.

On the economy, the conference appealed to the federal government to assemble experts, irrespective of tribes, religions and political affiliations, to urgently find solution to the problem of inflation and other factors that have brought untold hardship to the land.

“We hereby appeal to the federal government to assemble experts irrespective of their tribes, religions and political affiliations to seek urgent solution to the current economy downturn in the nation”.

High point of the event was the induction of Reverend Peter Dagwat from Plateau State as the outreach Minister for the church.

Lagos East Baptist President Rev. Mathew Awujoola with some delegates

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