Medical Expert harps on breast self examination

Women have been advised to embrace self breast examination and present themselves for periodic breast cancer screening.

A Consultant Gynecologist, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital , LASUTH, Dr. Tawakaltu Ottun gave the advice at a Health Seminar for women organised by the Muslim Community in Lagos.

Dr. Ottun who stressed that the programme was aimed at enlightening women on the causes, prevention and management of breast and cervical cancer, stressed that early medical intervention is the best way to manage any of the diseases.

“It is high time we take breast self examination as a serious business, this enables people to observe and detect if there is something wrong with the breast. Cancer can be managed and victims can live a better life if it’s detected early” she said

In a lecture titled ‘Managing Blood Pressure’, a medical expert, Alhaja Morufat George emphasized the need for men and women to imbibe the culture of regular exercise, medical check up and good eating habit which could serve as preventive measures against high blood pressure.

“Due to the nature of our lifestyles and other things that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it is imperative for us to always go for regular medical check, this will enable you to know if you have any underlying ailment” “Regular exercise and healthy meal is also important, don’t skip breakfast and try to rest well”

Alhaja George added that if women could begin to take action as a result of the knowledge acquired at the seminar, they would spend less on medicine and the dream of the state government to ensure healthy living among Lagosians woulf be realized.

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