NBCC’s Next Gen Series Sets the Ball Rolling for Future Pacemakers in the Tech Sector

It is imperative for Nigeria to build the necessary infrastructure to enable its citizens to leverage on technology and the opportunities it affords businesses globally.

This was the consensus of participants at the inaugural next generation series event, organised by the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, NBCC, in Lekki with the theme: “Pacemakers in the Tech Sector’’

In an address of welcome, NBCC’s President, Mrs. Bisi Adeyemi explained that the next gen series was to provide a networking platform for stakeholders in the tech space and other key industry players.

Represented by the Deputy President of the Chamber, Mr. Ray Atelly, the NBCC’s President affirmed to the publication made by the Centre for Global Development that the tech sector has grown enormously in the last five years, placing Nigeria as the largest tech market on the Africa continent

“This growth has positioned Nigeria as the largest tech market on the African continent, with tech hubs and a growing and vibrant customer base. Over 180 million people (72 per cent of the population) now have access to a mobile telephone and internet penetration is projected to reach 65.3 per cent in 2025, up from under 2 per cent in 2001. Also, without overemphasizing the excellent and astounding innovations and inventions through technology, making life easier” she said.

Panel discussants, including Mr Adetayo Bamiduro, Mr Collins Onuegbu, Mrs Solape Akinpelu and Mr Etop Ikpe highlighted the importance of technology as a veritable tool for success in business.

They stressed the need for the country to properly leverage on technology to ensure sustainable development and growth.

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