NGO Seeks Collaboration To Reduce Hunger and Poverty in Nigeria

By Omolara Omosanya

Hunger  knows no religion, tribe or culture; this is why a non-governmental organisation, Feed the Vulnerable Families Foundation in Nigeria, FTVF, has taken up the task of meeting the needs of the less privileged in the society.

Towards this end, the Foundation is calling on philanthropic individuals in the society, irrespective of religion, culture and tribe to join hands with it and other like minded organisations to feed the most vulnerable in the country.

FTVF Project accountant, Alhaji Quadri Animashaun made the call in Surulere Lagos at a forum to mark the NGO’s 8th anniversary.

“Government cannot do it alone and that’s why we are here as an NGO, we are willing to partner with individuals, the private sector and government to reach our noble goal: which is helping the most vulnerable, alleviating Poverty and supporting those with special needs”  he said.

Explaining that though the NGO is founded by a Muslim, Alhaji Animashaun said FTVF has both Christian and Muslim volunteers in thirty-two States across Nigeria and have been helping the needy irrespective of religion or tribe through the provision of water in communities where there is none, relief and medical emergencies to families affected by natural disasters and insecurity, food donations, support to  widows, ensure orphans get qualitative education, provide financial support and medicare to individuals with minor and major health concerns, as well as provision of educational materials to students in rural areas.

He stated that as part of its anniversary, donations were made to students of Atunda-Olu School for the physically and mentally challenged  in Lagos as well as some selected public schools in the State

Alhaji Animashaun explained that FTVF also crowd source funds to help some of those with life threatening diseases in Nigeria, while the Organisation is also focusing on mentoring and encouraging Nigerian youths through volunteering.

Some of the Volunteers who came into Lagos for the NGO’s eight anniversary from all the thirty-two States said the impacts of the work done by the organisation over the years have been giving them joy and encouraging them to believe that many Nigerians are still very much charitable.

“I joined the Foundation about a year ago, but the impact I saw in this Foundation is just amazing, the way we touch lives, we use our voices, we us our social media handles, so, I have actually found a lot of happiness in volunteering; We can’t solve everybody’s problems, but at least we are trying because everyday we strive to see that we achieve something while doing this which is for the sake of humanity” they said 

The Volunteers who are in their twenties and early thirties advised other youths in the country not to turn a blind eye to the plight of the needy while trying to realize their own ambitions.

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