Onyeka Onwenu Opens up on failed marriage

Popular singer Onyeka Onwenu has opened up  about her failed marriage.

The music legend, in a recent interview revealed the many difficulties she  had to put up while with  her ex-husband.

The 70-year songstress and actress,, said she decided to leave her marriage when it became obvious that she would die if she remained in it.

According to Ms. Onwenu, it was  a difficult  decision as she never wanted her  marriage to end 

More so, she didn’t want her children to  see the suffering she was going through in the hands of her ex husband who did not also provide the basic amenities for them.

Onyeka Onwenu added that she decided to open up  because women are known to keep quiet for too long. Women  tolerate a lot thereby die in silence .

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