Pilots Must Prioritize Weather Reports and Extra Fuel, Warns Civil Aviation Chief

The Acting Director General, Civil Aviation, Captain Chris Najomo, has issued a strong warning to airlines to ensure the safety of their crew members and passengers. 

As the rainy season sets in, he emphasized the importance of accurate weather forecasting and preparedness.

Captain Najomo urged airlines to brief their crew members on the latest weather conditions before each flight.

He stressed the need for pilots to take necessary precautions to avoid adverse weather conditions.

“Pilots ensure that, you take the correct weather report before you fly, make sure that you avoid all adverse weather because we are now in the rainy season”. 

The Acting DGCA also advised pilot to take extra fuel on board to ensure safe diversion in case of an emergency.

“Take enough fuel for you to divert if you have to divert, go around if you have to go around. Be very careful and I say again, the airspace is very, very safe”.

He reiterated NCAA’s commitment to ensuring the safety of air travel in Nigeria, adding that, this advice serves as a timely reminder to airlines and passengers alike to prioritize safety above all else.

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