Radio Nigeria is ready to partner all relevant agencies and other organizations in the quest for the eradication of harmful acts capable of affecting children.
The Director, Lagos Operations of FRCN, Mrs Bolanle Owoyemi gave the assurance at this year’s Day of African Child celebration held at the Broadcasing House, Ikoyi.
Addressing students at the ceremony, the Director Mrs. Bolanle Owoyemi reminded them of the histoy and reasons for the celebration of the Day of African Child, saying It all started in 1976 in Soweto, South Africa, where some innocent students were killed for taking to the streets against poor system of education and the need for them to be taught in their local dialect in the country which later became an event celebrated annually.
Mrs. Owoyemi said harmful practices against children physically or mentally which include early child marriage, female genital mutilation, corporal punishment, child labor, child trafficking, violence against children, virginity tests, and non-pharmaceutical male circumcision should not be encouraged hence the need for an increased campaign against such practices.
Sharing her recent experience about a three year old girl that was sexually molested by her father in Abeokuta. Ogun state, Mrs Owoyemi expressed the disappointment that we are now in a world where close relations or those who are expected to be the guardian of the minors are the ones harming them.

” I was with some women in Abeokuta having lunch when one of them, a teacher was telling us that there was a particular girl in her classroom who was always seeking permission to go to the toilet but out of suspicion she asked if the girl was alright and if no one has touched her only for the girl to say that her biological father did something to her private part”
“I advised the school owner to inform the mother of the three years old girl so as to exonerate the school saying that is the extent at which the society has degenerated”
She expressed the belief that such a child is expected to feel safe and comfortable in the hands of her father but the case was not so.
It is on this basis and the need to perform the social responsibility function of the media that Mrs.Owoyemi said that radio Nigeria had roles to play in creating awareness, educating the public through its three FM platforms, Radio One 103.5 FM, Metro FM 97.7 and Bond FM 92.9.
She stated that this should also open other rooms for campaigns, enlightenment, workshops and seminars to further the course.
“We will partner with individuals, organisations and all agencies of the government, communities to ensure that policies are put in place to help children enjoy and grow physically, psychologically, and mentally well to help them develop and become what God has created them to be.
She pointed out that every child particularly every Nigerian child has one life live and it is immoral to deny him or her the right.
“We in Radio Nigeria Lagos Operations, we are determined in our heart to partner relevant agencies to further reduce, if possible to eliminate these harmful practices affecting children”
She made it clear that though it could be a taxing task, we have made up our mind to join other agents to eliminate the practices to position Nigeria and the African child where he or she would be able to fulfill God’s ordained destiny for them.
“Over the years you would have seen that there has been increase and progress recorded particularly in the area of female genital mutilation and child rape with various organizations championing crusade against it but more still needed to be done”
She called on other media organisations, and other institutions having something to do with children-related issues, expressing the optimism that together the practices can be eliminated.

“If you see something, say something, and when you say something Radio Nigeria will surely do something”
Students of the twelve schools that participated in the second edition of the celebration organised by Radio Nigeria, Lagos, debated on whether children should be allowed to work to earn money but all kicked against the motion citing various international protocols and conventions that protect the right of the child to be educated, care for, and be properly nurtured for a better tomorrow.
The host, Assistant Director of programmes, Maria Iwuoma explained that the celebration which was one among other childrens life-saving events should be deared to the heart of all Africans.
According to Iwuoma It is a global observance that resonates the welfare aspect of the life of the African Child.
“As the foremost Media outfit, our duty is to educate, inform, enlighten, entertain and mobilize the society towards positivity, hence the need for Radio Nigeria to promote such programmes to save the African child from the harmful experience they have been passing through”
The celebration which was hosted by the radio Nigeria programmes Department featured essay writing, drama contest, musical interlude and presentation of gifts to the students.
The theme for this year’s Day of African Child is “Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children”

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