RCCG takes health outreach to Igando community

Wife of Pastor-In-Charge, RCCG Lagos Province 37, Pastor (Mrs) Grace Ayanda, addressing the people of Onimaba Community in Igando Lagos during a Crusade and Health Outreach .

Community dwellers, Women in particular, have been advised to always go for periodic health check to avoid being brought down by some diseases that could be life threatening if not treated early.

The Wife of the Pastor in Charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Lagos Province 37, Pastor (Mrs) Grace Ayanda gave the advice at a Crusade and Health Outreach held at Onimaba Community in Igando, Lagos to mark this year’s Women In Ministry programme of the Redeemed Christian church of God.

She explained that some diseses that usually result to loss of lives could be well managed or treated in the hospital if those affected were able to present themselves for diagnosis on time.

She highlighted diseases like hypertension, diabetes and fibroid in women as some health challenges confronting high number of people in the society today and should not be taken with levity.

She stressed that early detection of such ailments in individuals would allow for necessary medical attention.

Pastor (Mrs) Ayanda who is a Nurse by profession also admonished the people to desist from engaging in self medication as this could be injurious to their health.

She however, urged the people to live on healthy diets and shun harmful habits like smooking, taking of alcohol and hard drugs.

She added that beyond the medical attention any human being could get, it is important for anyone that wished to live a peaceful and healthy life to be close to God and live a righteous life.

Giving a sermon on the theme of the programme, “Flowing In His Power”, the Assistant Pastor in Charge of Province, CSR, LP 37, Pastor Debo Orekoya admonished the people to always live a righteous life In line with the word of God and forsake all forms of sinfulness.

He explined that for anyone to enjoy a peaceful life, such a person must be under the covering of the Power of God almighty.

He therefore, advised the people to eschew all forms of evil and embrace a life free from wicked activities and careless living.

The highlight of the event was distribution of clothes, shoes, household utensils and food to members of the community.

The Medical team on ground also carried out some medical tests on the people and administered drrugs to those that needed medication.

The Pastor-In -Charge, LP 37, Pastor Ben Ayanda later prayed for the people and asked God to continue to keep the Onimaba Community under His grace and bless the nation Nigeria as a whole.

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