Airlines level of compliance to safety requirements good..DG NCAA

L-R: Mrs Carol Adekotujo, AGM PR, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority NCAA; Captain Elisha Bahago, Director, Operations, Licensing and Training Standard, NCAA; Captain Musa Nuhu, DG, NCAA and Mr Olusegun Koiki, Chairman, League of Airports and Aviation Correspondents at a news conference in Lagos.

The Director General, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Captain Musa Nuhu says, the regulatory authority is satisfied with the airlines level of compliance to its safety requirements.

This is just as he emphasized that, the NCAA and the airline operators have a good working relationship.

At a news conference in Lagos on its activities and that of the airlines in promoting safety, Captain Nuhu said, the NCAA had expanded and enhanced its surveillance to ensure that all the airlines were in compliance with all safety regulatory requirements.

He said, issues of air return were normal because planes were mechanical and could have electrical or hydraulic issues, adding that pilots have been trained to take the decision to make air returns.

“So far so good but we have issues of people still making air returns but air return is not a problem that is what you are supposed to do, when you have an issue come back land and fix it. Planes are mechanical, mechanical thing, hydraulic, electrical can go wrong at any time but I think generally the airlines have been in compliance with our with safety regulations, nothing is 100% perfect, I will say it is good”.

On passenger traffic, the NCAA boss stated that, there were increased activities as many people now prefer to travel by air rather than go by road.

He hinged this on the current insecurity in the country and assured that, with the entrant of more domestic airlines, it safety oversight would be tightened.

“The domestic industry in Nigeria is growing and it is understandable some level of insecurity in the road people don’t feel comfortable travelling by road so people feel rather to go by air. The interconnectivity is increasing between all facets of the nooks and corners of the country”.

Captain Nuhu also stressed that, no airline had given the authority any problems to wade its big stick of sanctions, saying that, it was only with the approval of the DG that the operations of an airline could be grounded if it falls short of the safety rules.

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