We will not condone quackery in Laboratory Analysis- IPAN

The Society of Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria says it will intensify inspection to guard against quackery in Laboratory testing.

According to the professional group, complaints of unprofessional practices and wrong test results are concerning. 
President, Society of Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria, Dr Femi Oyediran, stated this while briefing journalists in Lagos advocated networking among practitioners and key stakeholders to promote best practices and quality service delivery.
 “We owe it a duty to promote best practices among ourselves and deliver quality services at all times,” Dr Oyediran stated

Society Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria President said that there is an urgent need for testing laboratories to change their strategy to meet the teeming demands of the Covid19 era.

He said, “It has become imperative for stakeholders in the health services to key into the opportunities that the pandemic presents amid challenges.
Dr Oyediran added that “The Pandemic has exposed the inadequacies of our testing facilities and procedures, especially when large numbers of samples are to be tested.”  

Contributing, the Registrar, Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria, Alhaji Aliyu Angara, admitted that the emergence of Covid19 had disrupted activities in testing, lab operations, to human resources.
Alhaji Angara warned the public to be wary of quacks, who make a mockery of the profession.

“Quackery is one major issue we are grappling with. As a regulatory body, we go round for observation at labs to ensure that professional conduct. Once we get a negative report from members of the public, we go there, and if the misconduct is established as true, we hand them over to law enforcement agencies.”

The IPAN registrar appealed to Nigerians to patronise only registered members for accurate test results

We will not condone quackery in Laboratory Analysis- IPAN

We will not condone quackery in Laboratory Analysis- IPAN
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