GRV Officially Declares For Governor

By Abiola Peters

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour (GRV), a former Senatorial candidate in Lagos has declared his intention to run for the office of the Governor of Lagos state in the 2023 general election.

The MIT trained architect made his intention known in the presence of the National Executive Members of the Labour Party, friends, family and the media in Ikeja.

In his declaration speech, Mr Rhodes-Vivour alleged that “Lagos has only worked for a few persons close to power and that is unacceptable. We must make Lagos work for the greater majority whether they have access to those in power or not.”

He added that the quality of governance that his administration will bring to Lagos will be one which has never been witnessed before. “People will get value for the taxes that they pay.They will drive on good roads, live in safe neighbourhoods, send their children to decent public schools and enjoy increased wages. It is not rocket science to achieve all these, we are not just going to steal public resources and share what belongs to the masses to friends and cronies.”

Earlier, the former Lagos for Lagos Chairman, Chief Sunday Ajayi, had endorsed Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour for governor of Lagos state. Chief Ajayi gave his endorsement in a meeting held at his residence with members of the Labour party and strategic members of GRV’s campaign team.

Ajayi said that “GRV is our own. He is someone we have worked with in the past and we know him very well. He has very good intentions for Lagos state and I am fully in support of his ambition.”

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