Lagos decries unsafe sale and storage of fuel

The Lagos State Government has warned against unsafe storage of fuel in homes, markets and workplaces as such an act can result in fires leading to loss of lives and properties.

The Director General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola handed down the warning following
SOS messages received from residents of Festac over unsafe sale of fuel on the road.

Mr. Mojola announced that the Commission was working with the Lagos State Taskforce on monitoring and enforcement against public safety infractions across the State and would come down hard on persistent defaulters.

According to him, “The dry weather occasioned by the harmattan weather, coupled with storage of fuel in homes, marketplaces, workplaces and the careless disposal of cigarettes stubs, adulterated fuel, electrical surges and sparks, petrol leakages and illegal wire connections often trigger a fire that can lead to loss of lives and properties.

“The commission, as a regulatory agency saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of lives and properties, carries out its activities through a proactive process of policy formulation, setting safety standards and carrying out advocacy programmes to promote a safety culture in the state goes a long way to prevent accidents and protect the citizens.

“Do not store fuel at home, shops, or marketplaces because it is extremely dangerous to place generating sets on the decking of storey buildings; they should be kept outside the building and at a distance. Residents should always ensure that their generators are switched off before fuelling and they should have a fire extinguisher in their homes, shops and marketplaces.”

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