Lagos State prepares pilgrims for major Hajj Exercise

Lagos State government has assured of adequate arrangements for all the 1,869 pilgrims that will be performing this year’s Hajj exercise in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The assurance comes as the 2024 proper Hajj exercise begins on Friday.

The Commissioner of Home Affairs and Amir-ul-Hajj, Ibrahim Layode said the state government has secured a befitting space for the pilgrims at Mina where they will be camped for the next few days to perform the proper Hajj ritual.

Layode described the last month of the lunar calendar as a sacred month and a time to increase in devotion, reflection, and acts of worship, while appealing to the pilgrims to take advantage of the period to pray for themselves, Lagos State and Nigeria at large.

He said “We want to assure all the pilgrims that they would be accommodated in ‘Tent B plus’ which gives substantial comfort with provision of bed spread, pillow, duvet, rechargeable hand fan, umbrella and finger counter to be taken away by them as gift”.

Layode mentioned that the pilgrims will begin their movement to Mina which is the eighth day of Dhul-Hijjah from where they would proceed to the plain of Mount Arafah on Saturday and thereafter, they will depart to Musdalifah and Jamarat for throwing of pebbles.

The Commissioner added that the pilgrims would leave Mina in the evening and return to Makkah where they would stay until they are airlifted back to Nigeria.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Islamic matters, Dr. Ahmad Abdullahi Jebe praised the pilgrims for their patience, perseverance and understanding, saying that their conduct is very impressive and satisfactory.

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