Primate Ositelu Sues for Peaceful Coexistence

There can not be a tangible progress in any country without peace and security, hence the need to address some of the factors that have contributed enormously to the decay of the present-day society.
The Primate of the Church of the Lord worldwide, Dr. Rufus Ositelu made the remark at a colloquium in Lagos tagged “A Nation At War With Herself: A Panacea For Genuine Peace”
Dr. Ositelu noted that ignorance, poverty, corruption, and lack of moral values were among the issues that needed to be tackled so that peace would further reign, believing that it is then that the people will be happy and be willing to put in more efforts to achieve their aims in a peaceful country.
The man of God said that the fight against corruption is though a tough and dangerous one, it must go on because it is a fight of all.
“The fight against corruption must start with the minority but powerful crooks in the country, a fight against a very tiny but powerful minority”
He said Nigerians must learn to ask questions about any lifestyle that cannot be justified by one’s earnings or known economic status.
The clergyman pointed out that Nigeria is so blessed with human and natural resources and should have nothing to do with poverty.
” Nigeria is among the countries in Africa with a wide variety of natural resources yet to be exploited”
The primate noted that Nigeria as a plural society with multiple ethnicities, languages and religions should be run in accordance with the basic tenets of federalism.
“We need unity in diversity and a new constitution, which is reflective of the diversity and federal in nature”
Fiscal federalism, according to him, is the answer to most of the woes confronting the country.

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